Minggu, 13 Februari 2011

Membangun DNS Server
1. Instal paket bind dan bind - chroot (terhubung internet)
    #yum install bind bind-chroot
   (tidak terhubung internet)
   #rpm -ivh bind-9.7.0-9.P1.fc13.i686.rpm bind-chroot-9.7.0-9.P1.fc13.i686.rpm
2. #cd /etc/
3. #vim named.conf
   Isi file konfigurasi diatas dengan baris-baris berikut :
   #Forward Zone for jnovianti.org domain
   zone "jnovianti.org" IN {
            type master;
            file "jnovianti.org.zone";
   #Reverse Zone for jnovianti.org domain
   zone "1.168.192.in-addr.arpa" IN {
            type master;
            file "192.168.1.zone";
  acl jnovianti-org {; 127.0/8; };
  options {
          directory "/var/named";
          allow-query { all };
                   forwarders {;; }; #
        forward only ;# Rely completely on ISP for cache misses
4. #cd /var/named/
5. #vim jnovianti.org.zone
    Isi file konfigurasi di atas dengan baris-baris berikut :
    $TTL 1D
    jnovianti.org.               IN SOA            andi.jnovianti.org
    nur.jnovianti.org (
                                      200612060             ; serial
                                      2H                                    ; refresh slaves
                                      5M                                   ; retry
                                      1W                                   ; expire
                                      1M                                   ; Negative TTL
  @                                IN NS                 andi.jnovianti.org.  
  andi.jnovianti.org.          IN A                   ; RHEL server
  nur.jnovianti.org.           IN A                    ; router
  mystermachine              IN A                    ; mail server  
  www                            IN CNAME        andi.jnovianti.org.      ; WWW server
  ftp                                IN CNAME        andi.jnovianti.org.      ; FTP server
  virtual                           IN CNAME        andi                          ; virtual WWW
  mail                             IN CNAME         mystermachine           ; sendmail host
 @                                IN MX   10          mail.jnovianti.org.
6. Buat file konfigurasi zone kedua, 192.168.1.zone:
  #vim 192.168.1.zone
  Isi file dengan baris-baris berikut :
  $TTL 1D
  @             IN              SOA             andi.jnovianti.org    nur.jnovianti.org.      (
  200612060                 ; serial
  2H                              ; refresh slaves
  5M                             ; retry
  1W                            ; expire
  1M                             ; Negative TTL

                  IN              NS           andi.jnovianti.org.
 252           IN            PTR            mystermachine.jnovianti.org.
 253           IN            PTR           andi.jnovianti.org.
 254           IN            PTR           nur.jnovianti.org.
8. #service named start
9. #chkconfig named on
10. Jangan Lupa u/ membuka port koneksi dns di aplikasi firewall fedora
      System /Administration /Firewall
      lalu masukkan password user root untuk mengaksesnya
     Cheklist pilihan service : DNS, lalu tekan tombol Apply, dan tekan Yes
     Selanjutnya tekan Reload, lalu tutup aplikasi dengan menekan tombol close.
11. Uji Layanan DNS dengan mengubah sisi file /etc/resolve.conf  dengan IP - Address yang sudah dibuat (
      #vim /etc/resolve.conf
      Isi dengan baris berikut :
12. Untuk mengujinya jalankan command baik di komputer server atau client
      $dig www.jnovianti.org
      Atau dengan command host terhadap nama domain dan IP Addressnya :
     $host www.jnovianti.org

Untuk setting Proxy server, sama seperti catatan yang sudah diberikan
good luck :-)

Selasa, 23 Maret 2010

Minggu, 14 Maret 2010

A. Ubahlah pernyataan berikut dalam bentuk representasi logika proposisi dan predikat
1. Karjo adalah seorang laki-laki
2. Karjo adalah orang Jawa
3. Karjo lahir pada tahun 1840
4. Setiap laki-laki pasti akan mati
5. Semua orang Jawa mati pada saat Krakatau meletus tahun 1883
6. Setiap orang pasti mati setelah hidup lebih dari 150 tahun
7. Sekarang tahun 2010
8. Mati berarti tidak hidup
9. Jika seseorang mati, maka beberapa waktu kemudian dia pasti dianggap mati
B. Apakah Karjo masih hidup sekarang dengan metode Backward ?

1. Laki-laki(Karjo)
2. Jawa(Karjo)
3. Lahir(Karjo,1840)
4. ∀x : laki-laki(x) → pastimati(x)
5. Meletus(Krakatau, 1883) ∧ ∀x : [Jawa(x) → mati(x, 1883)
6. ∀x : ∀thn1 : ∀thn2 : pastimati(x) ∧ lahir(x, thn1) ∧ lahir(x, thn2) ∧ lebihdari(thn2 – thn1, 150) → mati(x, thn2)
7. Sekarang ≡ 2010
8. ∀x : ∀y : [mati(x,y) → ¬hidup(x,y) ] ∧ [¬hidup(x,y) → mati(x,y)]
9. ∀x : ∀thn1 : ∀thn2 : mati(x, thn1) ∧ lebihdari(thn2 – thn1) → mati(x, thn2)

Dari pernyataan diatas akan dibuktikan Karjo tidak hidup sekarang dengan penalaran backward : ¬hidup (karjo, sekarang)

¬hidup (karjo, sekarang)
↑ (8, subtitusi)
Mati(karjo, sekarang)
↑ (9, subtitusi)
Mati(karjo, thn1) ∧ lebihdari(sekarang, thn1)
↑ (5, subtitusi)
Jawa(Karjo) ∧ lebihdari(sekarang, 1883)
↑ (2)
Lebihdari(sekarang, 1883)
↑ (7, subtitusi)
Lebihdari(2010, 1883)
↑ (menghitung lebihdari)

Rabu, 03 Maret 2010

  1. The Armory Show, held in New York in 1913, was a important exhibition of modern European art.   
  2.  Ripe fruit is often stored in a place who contains much carbon dioxide so that the fruit will not decay too   rapidly.
  3. In 1852 Massachusetts passed a law requiring all children from four to eighteen years of old to attend school.
  4. The main purpose of classifying animals is to show the most probable evolutionary relationship of the different species to each another.
  5. Matthew C Perry, a United States naval commander, gained fame not in war and through diplomacy.
  6. One of the most impressive collections of nineteenth-century European paintings in the United States can be found to the Philadelphia Museum of Art.
  7. Three of every four migrating water birds in North America visits the Gulf of Mexico's winter wetlands.
  8. Charleston, West Virginia, was named for Charles Clendenin, who son George acquired land at the junction of the Elk and Kanawha rivers in 1787.
  9. Financier Andrew Mellon donated most of his magnificent art collection to the National Galerry of Art, where it is now locating.
  10. Soil temperatures in Death Valley, California, near the Nevada border, have been known to reach 90 of degrees Celcius.
  11. When the Sun, Moon, and Earth are alignment and the Moon crosses the Earth's orbital plane, a solar eclipse occurs.
  12. Mary Cassatt's paintings of mothers and children are known for its fine linear rhythm, simple modelings, and harmonies of clear color.
  13. Plants synthesize carbohydrates from water and carbon dioxide with the aid of energy is derived from sunlight.
  14. The best American popular music balances a powerful of emotions of youth with tenderness, grace, and wit.
  15. In the nineteenth century, women used quilts to inscribe their responses to social, economics, and politics issues.
  16. Fossils in 500-million-year-old rocks demonstrate that life forms in the cambrian period were mostly marine animals capability of secreting calcium to from shells.
  17. Rainbows in the shape of complete circles are sometimes seen from airplanes because they are not cutting off by the horizon.
  18. Hot at the equator causes the air to expand, rise, and flow toward the poles.
  19. Although research has been on going since 1930, the existence of ESP-perception and communication without the use of sight, hear, taste, touch, or smell - is still disputed.
  20. As many as 50 percent of the income from motion pictures produced in the United States comes from marketing the films abroad.
  21. Sleep is controlled by the brain and associated by characteristic breathing rhythms.
  22. The walls around the city of Quebec, which was originally a fort millitary, still stand, making Quebec the only walled city in North America.
  23. The manufacture of authomobile was extremely expensive until assembly-line techniques made them cheaper to produce.
  24. The ballad is characterized by informal diction, by a narrative largely dependent on action and dialogue, by thematic intense, and by stress on repetition.
  25. Eleanor Roosevelt set the standard against which the wives of all United States Presidents since have evaluated.
Caution :
the word that bold is the answer of the sentence !!!!

Selasa, 02 Maret 2010

Ilmu komputasi adalah bidang ilmu yang mempunyai perhatian pada penyusunan model matematikateknik penyelesaian numerik serta penggunaan komputer untuk menganalisis dan memecahkan masalah-masalah ilmu (sains). Dalam penggunaan praktis, biasanya berupa penerapan simulasi komputer atau berbagai bentuk komputasi lainnya untuk menyelesaikan masalah-masalah dalam berbagai bidang keilmuan, tetapi dalam perkembangannya digunakan juga untuk menemukan prinsip-prinsip baru yang mendasar dalam ilmu. dan (http://id.wikipedia.org/wiki/Komputasi)

Minggu, 10 Januari 2010

Kita menggunakan :

  • too(juga) di akhir kalimat dan untuk kalimat positif
  • so (begitu juga) di awal kalimat dan untuk kalimat positif
Example :
  1. Amin studies hard day and night and i do too.
  2.  His shop was burnt down, and so was his car that was parked nearby.
Kita menggunakan :
  • either (juga tidak) di akhir kalimat dan untuk kalimat negative
  • neither (juga tidak) di awal kalimat dan untuk kalimat negative
  • nor (juga tidak) di awal kalimat untuk kalimat negative
Example :
  1. I don't like horror films and Sandra doesn't either.
  2. I didn't come to the party last night because i was sick and neither did Rico.
  3. I'm not ready and nor is Tuty. 

Rabu, 06 Januari 2010



Pronouns are small words that take the place of a noun. We can use a pronoun instead of a noun. Pronouns are words like: he, you, ours, themselves, some, each... If we didn't have pronouns, we would have to repeat a lot of nouns. We would have to say things like:
  • Do you like the president? I don't like the president. The president is too pompous.
With pronouns, we can say:
  • Do you like the president? I don't like him. He is too pompous.